Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Have you met Nipsy???

 I cannot believe that I have not already told you about Nipsy!  She came to live with us this past year.  She had been our neighbor's grandkid's cat, but when they moved out, they did not take her with them, as they had to move to an apartment that doesn't take pets.  She had already been visiting us frequently, and would come inside and hang out with us.  She liked our male cat Leo, and would hang with him too.   She is so shiny and pretty, and has some Siamese in her.  You can tell it from her eyes (And her personality!).   Or should I say Purrsonality?  lol...  She has attitude for days, and she says " I do what I want to do!"  But she is very sweet and loving also, and a real joy to have in our lives!


  1. Congrats on your new kitty Nipsy! What a beautiful kitty she is!

  2. She is beautiful and lucky to have found a loving home with you.

  3. Poor abandoned cat. But she is so lucky to have you! I think that she gained in exchange! :) Well done taking her!