Friday, April 18, 2014

Chi Chi as a baby...

Heaven got a new angel...

Heaven got a furry angel today.  We lost our Chi Chi today.  We had her for ten and a half years.  We were blessed especially to have her the last eight months, because she survived a blood clot that blocked the blood flow to her hind leg, due to Cardiomyopathy.  She also overcame a couple more blood clots, and the vet called her a miracle kitty, because it is not the norm for them to survive even the first one.  She was so special!  We will miss her so much!
The vet commented today how soft her fur was, that she had bunny fur.  

Heaven got a new furry angel today... 04/18/2014

We lost our sweet Chi Chi today.  We will miss her so much!  She was such a good girl!