Saturday, October 30, 2021

Poems I wrote for my kitties...

 The Life Of A Cat

Squeaky meows,
Addicted to can food,
Begging for treats,
Lap up water,
Jump in the litter box,
Digging to China,
Warm lap to lay on,
Head boops and kitty kisses,
Kitty goes out, kitty comes in
Kitty goes out, kitty comes in,
Time for dinn dinn,
Wrestle together and play with toy Mousie,
Night time crazies,
Warm, cozy cuddles,
Sleepy kitty dreams,
My gifts from God.

Here is another poem:
Why is the hooman so slow with my food,
Reduced to eating dry,
Stare until they move,
Pop of the can,
Here I come.


  1. Great poems for your beautiful kitties. Thank you for your lovely comments x

  2. Adorable poems for your adorable kitties!

  3. Hello, Chris! Your poems are amazing! And straight from the heart. I love looking at your kitties. You are so lucky to love so many precious kitties!