Monday, November 19, 2012

It's All Good Momma!

Looking at this pic just makes me think he's saying, "It's All Good Momma!"  Which is what I need to hear today.  Been feeling sick with nausea and dizziness a lot today due to chronic illness, so this is a good message to keep in mind. 
Didn't get much done this weekend; although, Sunday is the day of rest, so that is o.k..  Did take a Q-tip with a little bit of Oak colored stain and touched up the nicked or scratched places on my bathroom vanities.  It made them look so much better!  We've been living here almost twenty years, so things tend to get a few little places on them in that amount of time.  One of the kitties puked on my living room coffee table, and it had a place that didn't want to come up.  So I took a Mr. Clean eraser sponge to it.  *NOTE TO SELF-Don't do that again!  It took the finish off the table, so I touched it up with a bit of oak stain also.  It helped a lot, but I think I need to try to apply it once more to get it darker in that spot. DER!  Well, guess I'd better get to bed.  Hopefully, my head won't spin when I go to lay down.  Hope everyone has a great week ahead. 
I can't believe it; not one sleeping furbaby on the bed!  Or on the kitty condo either!  WHHATT?  lol.  They must be waiting till I try to go to sleep.  :)  zzzzzz. 

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